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2016 National Folk Festival – 50th festival!

2016 National Folk Festival

The Full Strength Roaring Forties will be at the National Folk Festival – with lots of songs with choruses. It’s the fiftieth National Folk Festival and the 24th at EPIC in Canberra. We’re really excited!

Here’s where to find us:

  • Thursday 24th March from 7.30–10pm in the Bohemia Bar. The Roaring Forties are hosting a Welcome Singing Session.
    We’ll be encouraging people to come along and lead their favourite chorus songs and to make the rafters ring with the harmonies.
  • Friday 25th March from 10-11 in the Trocadero. Songs and poems of C. Fox Smiths in a presentation called: “Shellback Sheila“.
  • Saturday 26th March from 11.20am – 12.20pm in the Spiegel Zeit. This time the Forties have a workshop called “The Song Goes On” – chorus songs about songs – and we want everyone to join in.
  • Saturday night from 9.30pm in the Terrace – The Forties are hosting the singing session – everyone welcome to come and lead songs.
  • Monday 27th March from 10.50am – 11.30am in the Scrumpy Bar – concert spot

Something else you’re sure to enjoy!

  • Sunday 27th March from 1.30pm – 2.30pm in the Trocadero – Margaret (from the RFs) will be joining Danny and Gael Spooner and Duncan Brown singing songs of the Watersons. Lots more rafter-raising!

2016 Illawarra Folk Festival

Illawarra Folk Festival

Illawarra Folk Festival 2016

The countdown is on or the Illawarra Folk Festival14-17 January 2016.

On Friday 4.45pm in the Nags Lounge you can catch the Forties presenting settings of the nautical poems of Cicely Fox Smith, and we have a concert spots in the Odeon at 1.15 on Saturday and 11.30am on Sunday. There’s 75% quirky new repertoire at the latter with LOTS of choruses!!

Check out the other marvellous acts who’ll be there.

Sydney Heritage Fleet turns fifty!

James Craig

James Craig

The Roaring Forties are singing this afternoon on board the James Craig at the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Heritage Fleet.

Our monthly shanty sessions are also held on the James Craig – next one is Thursday 12th November.

Newcastle Folk Club – July 4

Newcastle Folk Club and Coal Dust logoThe Roaring Forties will be performing at the Newcastle Folk Club in Hamilton on Saturday, 4th July. It’s a double bill with the Newcastle People’s Chorus.

The songs from We Made the Steel will be a big feature.

Some more gig details are here.

Illawarra Folk Club – “We Made the Steel”

We Made the Steel

We Made the Steel

The Roaring Forties will present the We Made the Steel workshop on Saturday 16th May at Illawarra Folk Club in Wollongong at 7:30pm.

Tickets and more details here.