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2017 National Folk Festival highlights

2017 National Folk Festival

Although the Forties weren’t booked at the 2107 National, the Southern Cross Trawlers (Margaret, Don and Chris) were on the programme – opening the festival with a song session in the Bohemia Bar on the Thursday night and the Saturday night session too, presenting the Cabbage Tree Hat story, and a concert on the final day.

It was a privilege to sing in the big tribute to Danny Spooner in the main venue. Margaret sang “Tolpuddle Man” with Ruth Hazelton and Kerrie Maguire, and with Chris in the finale of John Tams’ “Rolling Home”.

Ruth, Margaret and Kerrie

Ruth Hazelton, Margaret Walters and Kerrie Maguire – “Tolpuddle Man”

Danny Spooner tribute finale

Danny Spooner tribute finale – photo Rosemary Saul

The Song Goes On – NFF 2016

Here we are at the 2016 National Folk Festival’s Spiegel Zeit venue with our themed concert “The Song Goes On”. An hour of songs about songs…

Speigel Zeit - The Song Goes On

Photo: Cath Blakey

If you look carefully you can see Robin in profile between John and Chris.

Vale Dermott Ryder

Back in 1988 Dermott Ryder invited the Roaring Forties to do a live recording in his Ryder Round Folk program at 2MBS-FM and that became the basis of our first shanty album, Hazard Hardship and Damned Little Pay – originally on cassette; then a CD.

Graham MacDonald was at the controls. Dermott died on 3rd March 2015 and his funeral will take place 11:45am Wednesday 11 March 2015 at the Mary Mother of Mercy Chapel, Barnet Avenue, Rookwood Catholic Cemetery. He was 74 years old.

Paul Hemphill has posted the following tribute.

Thanks and RIP Dermott.

Dermott Ryder