Former Forties

Former members of the group:

Robin ConnaughtonRobin Connaughton with biting wit, a devilish writer of satirical songs that can make a politician spontaneously combust. Robin worked for many years in the NSW steel industry at Newcastle and Wollongong and he and John Warner wrote a series of songs about the experience. As often in the writings of John and Robin – folklore, danger, mischief and ratbaggery are brought into stark contrast with a deeply compassionate look at the industry’s impact on its workers and the indigenous inhabitants of the region. Robin and John are now combined  as a duo called  “Ten Quid Poms” singing traditional and original songs – and the occasional tune. John Warner John Warner a highly regarded song writer, with a powerful voice and an inspired way with harmonies. John is the author of Yarri of Wiradjuri, a song and verse cycle concerning the 1852 flood that destroyed the original township of Gundagai. Yarri and other Wiradjuri were instrumental in saving the lives of 49 Europeans, and John’s words draw out some implications for reconciliation in the present day. Members of the Roaring Forties were involved in many performances of this moving folk opera. (The full cast involved additional musicians and indigenous singers and dancers). Yarri Of Wiradjuri has now been recorded on CD.
Former members of the group from earlier times include Tony Cochrane, Brian Grayson, Len Neary and Jennifer Lees.
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