Gigs 2020

2020 – the plague year

6th February 2020James Craig Music Club
Thursday 6th February from 7.30pm – 40 Degrees South are the guests at the James Craig Music Club presenting shanties / work songs from the southern states of America and the Caribbean, stretching from North Carolina to Barbados. Singing to accompany work was inherent to African Americans whether stoking fires on steamboats plying the Mississippi, working on the southern corn plantations, stevedoring on the eastern seaboard, or building railroads. Come and join in these highly rhythmic choruses and hear some fascinating details about their origins.
29th February 2020Southern Sydney Folk Club
Supporting Christina Mimmocchi and PP Cranney’s “Bound for Botany Bay” … 1770 and all that: a musical voyage to Botany Bay and beyond. A brand-new musical storytelling show celebrating the 250th anniversary of Cook’s circumnavigation of Australia! ​What a miracle that was!
14th March 2020Summer Hill Folk Festival – cancelled due to COVID-19
13th December 2020NSW Folk Federation – End of Year Bash

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