Gigs 2019

18-22 April 2019
2019 National Folk Festival in Canberra over the Easter weekend

Thursday Bohemia Bar 7.30-10pm Welcome Singing Session – we are hosting the concert; we’ll sing a few songs to start and invite other performers. Although it’s a staged venue with PA, we’ll try to make it like a folk club as possible

Friday Troubadour 4.30-5.30pm The Sailors Fate –  “It’s better to drown than wait to be hung”. We take a deep dive down to Davy Jones’ locker to investigate the myriad ways to die at sea. A themed presentation with slides

Saturday The Terrace 9.30-11.30pm – hosting the night’s singing session (not amplified) – a focus on chorus songs – all welcome

Sunday Carnival 7.40-8.20pm – concert performance – some of our favourite songs

Monday Troubadour 3.30-4.30pm Hard Yakka – “Songs of Australian working life” – a mix of traditional and well-crafted contemporary songs telling of people at work – convicts, factory workers, drovers, timber getters, sailors, shearers, farmers, miners and piece workers. A themed presentation with slides.
25-28 April 2019StAlbansFF-180x180St Albans Folk Festival

Friday – Cabin 10-11am

Friday – Church 4.45- 5.30pm

Saturday – Marquee 4-4.45pm
17th-18th August 2019Sydney Folk Festival

Forty Degrees South on stage at 1pm in the Keneally Room on Saturday as well as joining Redfern Shanty Club singers on Sunday at 3.30pm in the Basement of the Edinburgh Castle Hotel. – Sydney Folk Festival ‘the next generation of folk’
11th December 2019Australian National Maritime Museum party

Joined the Mutineers on the James Craig for some end-of-year revelry with the museum staff and Sydney Heritage Fleet volunteers.

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