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16th May 2015
We Made the Steel

We Made the Steel

Illawarra Folk Club

The Roaring Forties presented “We Made the Steel” as a workshop on Saturday 16th May at Illawarra Folk Club in Wollongong at 7:30pm.

4th July 2015 Newcastle Folk Club and Coal Dust logoThe Roaring Forties performed at the Newcastle Folk Club in Hamilton on Saturday, 4th July. It’s a double bill with the Newcastle People’s Chorus.

The songs from We Made the Steel were the big feature in a former steel town.

Some more gig details are here.

11th July 2015 FBi RADIOFBi Radio presentedpodcast interview with Redfern Shanty Club and Roaring Forties members about the resurgence of interest in sea shanties (about 6 minutes in).

#1525 Past in the Present

“It’s easy to think of time as a continuum – what is done is done, what is past is past, the future holds only new stories and possibilities.

The problem with that is, it ignores all the detritus the past speckles through the present. What do sea shanties, a cassette player and a broken heart have in common? They’re all examples of the past crashing painfully, curiously, into the present.”

15th October 2015
James Craig

James Craig

The Roaring Forties sang on board the James Craig at the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Heritage Fleet.

Monthly shanty sessions are also held on the James Craig – next one is Thursday 12th November.

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