A few new reviews of “We Made the Steel”

We’ve recently received a few reviews from the British Isles of our latest CD, “We Made the Steel“. We’re chuffed…

“Not only are the singing and playing on this disc uniformly excellent and highly characterful, but the actual presentation of this release is also exemplary…. A benchmark release; and highly entertaining and inspiring to boot.” – Folk Roundabout (UK) #167 [read the full review here]

“A CD packed with ripping yarns, dry humour, poignant laments and lots of great choruses … we can hear many of these songs becoming classic folk club material in future years.” – Living Tradition (UK) #96 [read the full review here]

“Outstanding among the Connaughton/Warner compositions is The Price of Steel, which tells of the effects of the steelworks’ pollution on the health of those living and working around them, and has echoes of Alistair Hulett’s ‘He Fades Away’. … This is an album worth having for the songs alone, with the bonus that it tells a really good story as well.” – Shire Folk (UK) #123 [read the full review here]

“Albums like this can so easily lapse into beer-induced nostalgia and sentimentality, but this one mostly escapes, especially by means of its tight lyrics. … Though this is New South Wales, the songs are applicable to the steel industry anywhere in the world, especially the Don Valley.” Stirrings (UK) #155 [read the full review here]

“An entertaining CD for anyone interested in life in heavy industry, especially in the antipodes. There is an excellent booklet with the words of all the songs, which also has many images of the New South Wales steel industry.” – Tykes News (UK) Spring 2013 [read the full review here]

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