Norfolk Island – “On the Middle Ground” – James Craig Shanty Session – May 2014

James Craig

James Craig

The May 2014 James Craig Shanty Session will feature “Norfolk Island – On the Middle Ground” with Don & Sue Brian.

Don and Sue Brian have recently returned from 5 years of self-imposed exile in this fascinating gem of the southern ocean. Diligent researchers, they have immersed themselves in its history, particularly the log books and other historical records of whaling vessels that called in to the island and the songs that the whalers brought with them. Don and Sue will share some of the fruits of their research, conveying their enthusiasm and insights in a most engaging manner. This will be a really special night. As always, there will be plenty of opportunities to participate.

This session was originally scheduled for March 2014, but has been postponed due to circumstances beyond the control of the organisers. There will be a regular session on Thursday, 13th March at 7:30pm.

We take a very liberal view of what constitutes a sea song so don’t hold back! And bring a friend or four! It’s one of the most magic ways to spend an evening in Sydney – on board a historic sailing ship alongside at Darling Harbour with Sydney lights sparkling all around.

The ship opens at 7.30pm and we start at 8.00. We break for supper around 9.00, followed by a shantycircle where everyone can contribute. The ship stays tied to the wharf, so you can arrive and leave at any time.

Visitors are asked to donate $7 per session, of which $5 goes totally towards the maintenance of this exceptional ship and $2 towards supper. (Members of Sydney Heritage Fleet only $2 for supper). Click to become a SHF member  – the cost is $55 per year ($30 concession).


If walking from the city, walk over Pyrmont Bridge, turn right into Murray St. walk past the big white National Maritime Museum and straight ahead you should see the James Craig.
– The closest public transport is Pyrmont Bay station for the Light Rail.

Parking may be available in front of the Australian National Maritime Museum. Turn into the wide driveway in 2 Murray St, Pyrmont outside the big white building and then turn immediately left – press the button on the Intercom at the right of the gate, give your name and tell them you are there for the Shanty Session on the James Craig.

Whether you enjoy sitting quietly and listening; or joining in loudly for the chorus; or leading a song, you’ll be welcome at this singing session on board a wonderfully restored 140 year-old tallship.

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